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New Orijen Food
Orijen has introduced a red meat formula for cats. My first impression is that it will be a good pick for ferrets with poultry allergies or for owners that want to provide red meat for variety. Prior to this, the only cat foods I've known to be entirely poultry-free were either fish-based formulas, or had unsuitable protein and fat levels for ferrets.

Thank you very much xxLAYUPxx for taking the time to type out the ingredients list from the bag since it's not yet up on Orijen's website.

posted November 24, 2013

8-in-1 Formula Changes
8-in-1 Ultimate underwent formula changes at some point in the summer that somehow slipped past me. It's been updated in the database now. Thanks whiskandbowl for the reminder.

Previous first 6 ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Ground Rice, Chicken Fat, Chicken Digest, Raisin Juice
New first 6 ingredients: Chicken Meal, Ground Rice, Chicken, Chicken Fat, Raisin Juice, Banana

I'm still working away at keeping formulas up to date. Currently everything on the chart has been checked as of 2012 or more recent. These are the foods I've caught this time that had minor changes:

Additionally, L'Avian Plus Ferret and Nature's Variety Prarie for cats seem to no longer exist so I'm flat out removing them.

posted October 25, 2013

Instinct changes; formula updates
According to Nature's Variety's website, Instinct has made alterations to all of its kibble formulas. None of their top 6 ingredients have changed, however some formulas have dropped up to 3% off their protein and/or fat levels. Minor changes to vitamins, minerals, and botanicals have also been made. I've also added in their rawboost rabbit formula.

Unfortunately, this change has bumped Instinct Chicken formulas out of the green tier. As I have stated on the ferret food chart page, however, Instinct Chicken kind of an outlier that is scoring lower than it really should because it has such limited ingredient variety. In my opinion it belongs in the green tier, but since the site uses a mathematical formula to score food itself, I can't put it there manually.
Overall the benefits of scoring food mathematically (less bias, more transparent, easier to update, etc.) far outweigh the flaws, but there will occasionally be the odd problem like this.

Additionally I'm systematically working through a chunk of the foods that haven't been checked for updates in a while. These are the ones that have had formula changes in the past year or two so far:

posted September 22, 2013

Brand Updates
It's been a while since I've updated, so I've got a handful of stuff this time.

First off, the old formula for Zupreem has been taken down. The new version has been out for long enough now that the old bags should be mostly out of circulation.

Wysong made some minor changes to the formula for Epigen Ferret. Apparently the previous formula wasn't binding well enough and was causing them to waste large portions of batches.

Drs Foster and Smith also had a minor formula change and a new name/package (thanks scarlettfox for the info).

Merrick is rebranding, and they are replacing Before Grain with a new line called Purrfect Bistro. The adult formulas only have 14% fat, making them unsuitable for ferrets. The kitten formula (17% fat) has been added to our database. In another month or two I'll remove Before Grain.

Additionally I've added in Simply Nourish's grain-free line (thanks EddieBear for the request)

posted September 21, 2013

Orijen Update
Orijen appears to be replacing its lineup with their recently announced "Whole Prey" formulas. The packaging and ingredients have changed for their cat & kitten food, but the protein and fat levels have not.

The formula has been updated here, but it's score and placement on the ferret food chart have not been affected by the change. The old formula is listed on its info page for comparison.

posted March 16, 2013

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