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Staff and Credits for More Dooks

I want to properly thank the people that helped make this website.


Was the first to help when this site was started, and spent generous amounts of time adding a large number of food to the food database.

Is my online name on some ferret message boards (though I don't like it, so I didn't name anything on this site after myself). I started this project in the fall of 2009, and took some long hiatuses before getting it this far. I've supplied the programming, pages content, and images, as well as some stuff in the foods in ingredients databases.
I currently have two ferrets, who are fed on a whatever-I'm-deciding-to-buy-that-day-rotation of Epigen Ferret, Innova EVO, Orijen, Instinct, go! fit + free, and Welness CORE dry foods, along with Instinct commercial raw, a weekly egg yolk, occasional raw meat, and cod liver oil, salmon oil, and canola oil as treats.

Other Thanks

I want to thank Atroxy for making the food chart that sparked my interest in this sort of thing in the first place. It was my favorite food resource when I was first considering a ferret as a pet.

Online Communities
Online ferret forums provided me the basics of ferret nutrition when I first started learning, and I continue to learn new things by visiting them. I can't thank each member individually, but I strongly recommend joining at least one or two of these places:
Ferret Harmony
Everything Ferret forum
Ferret.com forum
The Lazy Hammock
Ferret Mailing List
Holistic Ferret forum

The Web Host
000webhost is the free hosting provider that currently hosts this website. It occasionally has speed or server overload issues, but it offers php, mysql, tons of bandwidth, and lots of features without putting ads on the site, and without charging me anything.