8 in 1 ULTIMATE Crunchy (foods database)

Full name: 8 in 1 Ultimate Advance Nutrition Crunchy Diet- for Ferrets
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This food is meant to meet the nutritional needs of: ferrets
Variety: dry (10% moisture)

Nutrient% (as fed)
45% (min)
16% (min)
3% (max)
10% (max)

Ingredients: Chicken MealGround RiceChickenChicken FatRaisin JuiceBananaNatural Liver FlavorFish OilTaurineDried Whole EggDicalcium PhosphateDL-MethioninePotassium ChlorideCholine ChlorideVitamin E SupplementCalcium CarbonateZinc OxideVitamin A AcetateSoybean OilDehydrated Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation ProductMono and DiglyceridesCopper SulfateManganous OxideMineral OilManganese ProteinateIron ProteinateEthylenediamine Dihydroiodided-Calcium PantothenateThiamine MononitrateVitamin B12 SupplementNiacinRiboflavin SupplementPyridoxine HydrochlorideVitamin D SupplementCitric AcidFolic AcidSodium SeleniteMixed Tocopherols (preservative), Ascorbic Acid (preservative), Beta Carotene and Rosemary Extract

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