LM Farms Bonanza Ferret (foods database)

Full name: LM Farms Bonanza Ferret Diet
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This food is meant to meet the nutritional needs of: ferrets
Variety: dry (11% moisture)

Nutrient% (as fed)
30% (min)
10% (min)
5% (max)
11% (max)

Ingredients: Kibbled cornfish mealpoultry mealsoy flourspray dried animal bloodfeeding oat mealwheat middlingscane molassesground corndried plain beet pulppork animal fatraisinsground wheatvegetable oilsoybean mealground oat groatssoybean oilsaltcorn gluten mealpropionic acidyucca schidigera extractdicalcium phosphatebrewers dried yeastL-lysinepotassium chlorideDL-methioninecitric aciddried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation extractdried aspergillus oryzae fermentation extractdried bacillus subtilis fermentation extractvitamin Avitamin D3vitamin Eascorbic acidbiotincalcium pantothenatecholine chloridecalcium iodatecobalt carbonatecobalt sulfatefolic acidmenadione sodium bisulfite complexmenadione dimethylpyrimidinol bisulfiteniacinpyridoxine hydrochlorideriboflavinthiamine mononitratevitamin B12copper sulfateethylenediamine dihydriodideferrous sulfatemagnesium oxidemanganese sulfatesodium selenitezinc sulfatenatural and artificial flavoradded color (yellow #5yellow #6red #40blue #1titanium dioxide)

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