Natures Variety Raw Beef (foods database)

Full name: Nature's Variety - Beef Formula INSTINCT RAW FROZEN DIET FOR DOGS AND CATS
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This food is meant to meet the nutritional needs of: dogs,cats,puppies,kittens
Variety: raw (68.0% moisture)

Nutrient% (as fed)% (kibble matter)
13.0% (min)
8.0% (min)
2.0% (max)
68.0% (max)
36.56% (min)
22.5% (min)
5.63% (max)
10.00% (max)

This food is grain free
Meat content claim: "95% meat, organs and bone. 5% vegetables, fruit, and other whole foods"

Ingredients: BeefBeef HeartBeef LiverRaw Ground Beef BoneBeef KidneyApplesCarrotsButternut SquashGround FlaxseedsMontmorillonite ClayChicken EggsBroccoliLettuceSpinachDried KelpApple Cider VinegarParsleyHoneySalmon OilOlive OilBlueberriesAlfalfa SproutsPersimmonsDuck EggsPheasant EggsQuail EggsInulinRosemarySageClove

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