Science Selective Ferret (foods database)

Full name: Science Selective food for small animals - Science Selective Ferret
Product Website

This food is meant to meet the nutritional needs of: ferrets
Variety: dry (10% moisture)

Nutrient% (as fed)
36% (min)
19% (min)
2% (max)
10% (max)

Ingredients: Poultry by-product mealwhole wheatchicken fatfish mealturkey mealdried beet pulppotato proteinflaxseedchicken liver digestsoybean oildried chicken liver digestsalttaurineadditional vitamins and minerals (we dont currently have that information available)

Additional Information

Currently the ingredients list provided here was copied from a physical bag of food, rather than the company website. The bag had a sticker on it with a re-written ingredients list and a note saying "This label replaces ingredients printed on packaging".
Credit goes to xxLAYUPxx for retrieving this information

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