Kibble Size/Shape Comparison Images

All of the following images have been resized so that the reference penny remains the same size in each image. That means that the pictures are all to scale with each other

Want to help with this mini-project?

Help send in pictures of any foods we're missing! Here's how:
  1. Get out a white plate, or other solid, flat surface.
  2. Pour some kibble (any brand we don't already have up here) onto that plate/surface.
  3. Set down an American or Canadian penny in with kibble.
  4. Take a bird's eye view picture! You may need to turn off the flash so the penny doesn't reflect light all over the picture.
  5. Send me the picture, along with the name of the brand/formula. Keep it at a large if possible; I'll take care of cropping and resizing it.
    You can PM it to me on this forum, or any other forum I visit, or e-mail to