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Best available AAFCO definition: "Barley" consists of at least 80 percent sound barley and must not contain more than 3 percent heat-damaged kernels, 6 percent foreign material, 20 percent other grains or 10 percent wild oats.

Simple Definition: Must be 80% or more undamaged barley kernels and pieces. May contain up to 6% foreign matter and 20% other grains.

Categories this ingredient falls under:

Fiber: This is a source of fiber, which produces firmer stools but has no other use for ferrets. Excessive fiber may be harmful.
Grain: This is a grain ingredient; it will likely be high in carbohydrates. Excessive intake of carbohydrates such as these may lead to diseases such as insulinoma in ferrets. Some people also report that grain sensitivities or allergies are common in pets.

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