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poultry digest

Best available AAFCO definition: "Poultry Digest" is material which results from chemical and/or enzymatic hydrolysis of clean and un-decomposed poultry tissue.

Simple Definition: Poultry tissue that has been put through a chemical or enzyme reaction (hydrolysis). It becomes a concentrated liquid or dry product.

Our Comments:

This is a flavour enhancer, to increase palatability. It has been processed more than basic meat sources.

Categories this ingredient falls under:

Animal Protein: This is a protein-based ingredient from an animal source: the main requirement in a carnivore diet.
Unspecified Source: This ingredient doesn't specify what kind of animal it came from. Usually this is an indication of low quality. It's better to know exactly where your meats and fats are coming from to ensure quality and consistency between food batches.

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