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spray dried animal blood

Best available AAFCO definition: "Blood Meal" is produced from clean, fresh animal blood, exclusive of all extraneous material such as hair, stomach belchings and urine except as might occur unavoidably in good manufacturing process. A large portion of the moisture is usually removed by a mechanical dewatering process or by condensing by cooking to a semi-solid state. The semi-solid blood mass is then transferred to a rapid drying facility where the more tightly bound water is rapidly removed. The minimum biological activity of lysine shall be 80%.

Simple Definition: dried blood from any animal or combination of animals.

Our Comments:

This is often used to cheaply boost the protein content of a food.

Categories this ingredient falls under:

Animal Protein: This is a protein-based ingredient from an animal source: the main requirement in a carnivore diet.
Dry Meat Meal: This ingredient has had its water content removed, thus there is a lot of it packed into the food. Unlike wet weighed meats, you can be confident that it belongs at its current place on an ingredients list. As a downside however, it has been more heavily processed.
Unspecified Source: This ingredient doesn't specify what kind of animal it came from. Usually this is an indication of low quality. It's better to know exactly where your meats and fats are coming from to ensure quality and consistency between food batches.

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