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wheat flour

Best available AAFCO definition: wheat flour together with fine particles of wheat bran, wheat germ and the offal from the 'tail of the mill'. This product must be obtained in the usual process of commercial milling and must not contain more than 1.5 percent crude fiber

Simple Definition: Wheat flour, as well as tiny pieces of wheat bran (shell part of the grain), germ (seed part), and offal (leftovers). Must be less than 1.5% fiber.

Categories this ingredient falls under:

Vegetable: This is not a natural part of a ferret's diet, and may not be not well digested. A small amount of vegetables is typically needed to bind meat together in kibble, and vegetables are sometimes used to provide needed vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, vegetables are often added in larger amounts as 'filler' to reduce the ingredients cost for the manufacturer, so watch out for how high up on the ingredients list they appear.
Grain: This is a grain ingredient; it will likely be high in carbohydrates. Excessive intake of carbohydrates such as these may lead to diseases such as insulinoma in ferrets. Some people also report that grain sensitivities or allergies are common in pets.

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